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Typical Specs

Six Digit Clocks

Each product has its own mix of specifications. But here's a list of the keys specifications from The BigTime large six-digit nixie clock:

Power source: 9-12 V AC (50-60Hz) or 12-15V DC at 200-400mA (depends on supply voltage) NB: Absolute maximum rating of 18V DC

Power consumption: Under 5W from supplied 230V > 12V AC CE-mark UK adapter, or EuroPlug European adapter  

Dimensions: 300 x 80 x 90 mm (length x depth x height) That's almost a foot long!!

Weight: ~1Kg  (Gross shipping weight ~1.9 Kg)

Display: Six unused New Old Stock Russian IN18 multiplexed Nixie tubes (digit height 40 mm) plus four mode indicators. Instant switch, or two selectable display soft-fade styles (cool)

Display modes:

    • Time (HH:MM:SS) 12 hour (US) or 24 hour (Europe) display
    • Date (DD MM YY or MM DD YY)
    • Auto time and date
    • Alarm
    • Parameter setup
    • Temperature (optional)

Operating altitude: 0 - 3,000m (~10,000 ft)

Operating temperature (unit:) Main clock: 0C - 50C

Measured Temperature: Optional external temperature probe: -50C > +120C (-58F > +255F ) to an accuracy of ±1C between –10C and 85C.  Temperature display in Centigrade or Fahrenheit

Timekeeping Accuracy:

    • Mains line frequency reference: dependent on utility provider
    • Crystal: software adjustable to better than ±1 second per day
    • External frequency reference: you decide!
    • Time derived from optional RTC module; accurate to within one second in the life of NixIIe :)

Brightness: Bright, dim, or auto-dim display

Memory: All settings (including current time) retained in the event of power failure

Daylight savings: Automatic daylight savings adjustment (advance/retard) for most countries

Leap Years: Automatic Leap-Year calculations to 2099

Audio output: Hourly or quarterly chimes, alarm, birthdays and temperature: variable volume, “silent night” mode

Relay output: (optional) On, off, alarm time, over/under temperature or 30-second pulse for slave clocks. Contacts rated at 230V AC 5A AC Maximum

Operation: All functions controlled from a six-button Infra-red remote control (supplied)

Kitchen Sink: Er, no

Fun: Oh, yes

Cyclox Specs

Power source:

Isolated 9-12 V AC (50-60Hz) at 200 mA (Included with UK, EU and USA sales only)

Power consumption:

Under 3W from supplied AC CE/UL-mark adaptor


120mm high, 75mm diameter glass dome on 90mm diameter mahogany or sapele base


~500g in standard case



Cyclox/Std: Russian IN-8-2 Nixie tube (digit height 18mm)

Cyclox/Grand: Russian IN18 Nixie tube (digit height 40mm)

Display mode:

Parameter set

      Time (HH:MM) 12 or 24 hour format
Fast or slow mode
       Slow fade or instant switch

Bright or night time auto-dim display

Operating altitude:

0 - 3,000m (~10,000 ft)

Operating temperature:

0°C to 50°C  (32°F to 122°F)

Timekeeping Accuracy:

Mains line frequency reference: dependant on utility provider


Bright, or auto-dim display


Parameters (except current time) retained in the event of  power failure


All functions controlled from two switches on PCB

Rather Unique:

Quite probably


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