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“Nostalgia like it used to be"


 TyNixie Miniature full function six digit nixie clock

The latest to come from Mr Nixie's secret Laboratory, this fully featured TyNixie miniature nixie clock, at just 5 inches square. Here seen doing their famous 3-up synchronised stunt-timekeeping routine (Kids: Don't try this at home)

New for December 2010
Cyclox - Half Greek mythical character, half lighthouse, half timepiece

Standing some 140mm (5.5") tall overall, Cyclox is at the other end of the scale, an impressive single digit clock in a round domed glass case, echoing carriage clocks of old.

Currently Fully Sold Out as at Jan 2011

The BIGTIME - It's Big, and it tells the Time

The BigTime is the nixie clock to beat all comers! MrNixie's biggest no-holds-barred offering, yet

Currently Fully Sold Out as at November 2007


Every product comes with complete, extensive PAPER documentation on both the construction and/or operation of your clock, together with historical and other background information. Many colour pictures. MOST CERTAINLY NOT just some link to a dodgy, slim, PDF note on how to assemble your kit!

Email me for more details of these and other weird designs from the darker corners of my brain...

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