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Past Customers

Here are just some of the unsolicited mails from previous customers from around the world

Hi Laurence,

Just wanted to let you know the clock kit arrived (In australia) in only 6 days!   I assembled it over the past two nights and it powered up first-time without any problems. As an ex-technician and die-hard electronics hobbyist, I found the quality of the PCB, components and literature to be fantastic!  I have built many commercially produced kits over the last 30 years (since I was about 11 years old!) and would rate  this kit as the best I have ever built. The attention to the slightest detail in the literature is awesome. Even the acrylic case is better than anything I have I ever seen before in a kit. Well done!  Cheers, DT, Australia.

Excuses for my english. Today the clock has arrived, only  a word; IMPRESSIVE  Magnificent manuals, very good presentation. LM, Spain

I got my Clock put together *without* any Arc's or Sparks! Or SHOCKS! At least so far! ;)  I love the Westminster Chime! Do you have any kits left? I would like to get my dad one!  PM, WV, USA

I knew right then that I got a hold of a quality piece of work and a good person.  Once I got the kit, I was further impressed by the quality of the circuit board!!!!!, the color manual with pictures!!!!!!,  the detailed explanation of the components, and the links provided for more information!   OH!  And the laminated remote control chart, too cool!   You obviously put a lot of time into this and it shows!  DR, NJ, USA

What a great kit! You could have slopped it all together with only a schematic but, no, everything is very professionally done -- it's easily as professional as the Heathkit digital clock I built in the 70's. PH, Conwy, UK

I was impressed by the EBay ad. You came across as knowing what you were talking about and I was not disappointed when the kit arrived. Very good documentation, very professional and concise, I made the comment to friends a couple times that it was better than 99% of documentation that yo get with anything shop bought. Great job SH, WV, USA

Parcel received yesterday. Every things is in good order, I really appreciate that you packed every parts so carefully and the manuals are so detail. I have nothing to say but "THANKS".  PP, New Zealand

Your Communication is way beyond anything! THANKS!! Laminate card looks great! PH, CA,USA

I brought the clock in to work. People love it! I think I might have 1 or 2 buyers DR, NJ, USA

I am just going through the box now. Wow! I am so very impressed! I really wish you did autograph this because the manufacturing of this whole clock is freaking unbelievable ! Really nice! Wow! You're going to be famous! DR, NJ USA

Received your kits today, thank you.  I'm sure my son will be delighted on Xmas day!  Gives me some workshop time too!  Your kit looks very well designed & organised.  I should have no problems in assembly. TC, Somerset, UK 

The clock is built (two short evenings work!) the manual was great and it's now has pride of place on my desk at work, glowing nicely! NS, Cheshire, UK

The nixie clock turned up yesterday thanks (super quick!) and I have to say having built nixie clocks (and other electronic projects) before I have never received such fantastic instructions! ...Thanks again for such a great item IR, Bedfordshire, UK

Hello, have the nixie all constructed and working now. Worked first time. A pleasure to build. JB, Kent, UK

I'm VERY pleased with your product, not only the final result but also the overall HIGHLY professional presentation of the kit. I will for sure come back for more!!. It’s by far the most complete and professionally presented kit out there (and the most expensive too!!, but it’s well worth its value). I’m really pleased and would not hesitate to purchase again to give as a gift (which he has done!) GC, Montrouge, FRANCE

I am returning your survey document and I wanted to tell you when I first saw a Nixie tube and thought it was sheer art. Thank you again for such a high quality, professional clock. I'm also enjoying all the literature that came with it. KM, IL, USA

Laurence – All three have arrived in perfect condition. Thanks for helping with this. They will make excellent gifts for Christmas.  RC, TX, USA

I did pick up the kit this morning, and very well crafted kit it is, too! I read over the build manual, and I truly appreciate your style and wit. It'll probably be a week or so before I start building it, but I' m looking forward to it. Things look pretty straightforward, but as I'm somewhat lacking in understanding of the circuits, I can follow "insert tab a b.. solder" instructions quite well. I'll be sure to contact you should I run into any questions Thanks again for the great price auction, and for the kit. NW, GA, USA

Laurence, The kit was fun & the clock is just what I thought it would be. Your support has been extraordinary, I wanted to thank you. BG, MO, USA

Happily reporting another happily humming and chirping Nixlle in Atlanta, GA, USA. What a cool gizmo this is! Thanks yet AGAIN, Laurence, for your kit and for your help. NW, GA, USA
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