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“Nostalgia like it used to be"

Typical Features

    Here are the main features of TyNixie - a Miniature six-digit nixie clock:

  • All functions controlled from one neat, intuitive rotary control
  • Miniature (9mm high display)  Russian IN17 Nixie tubes
  • Six-digit display showing hours, minutes, seconds, or day, month, year, Temperature, Alarm
  • Super-smooth fading between digits
  • On-board precision Temperature Compensated Crystal Oscillator (better than 15 seconds per year)
  • 12 or 24-hour hour display mode
  • Blue LED back light display (can be switched on/off)
  • Indicators for AM/PM, time, and alarm-set mode
  • Alarm, with snooze
  • Variable volume "tick"
  • European or US date display formats DDMMYY or MMDDYY
  • Simple hourly chimes, with selectable Silent-Night mode
  • Automatic leap-year calculation
  • Universal Automatic Daylight Savings Time calculation for almost all geographies
  • Manual or automatic display brightness at hours of your choice
  • Automatic display blanking at hours of your choice (saves power, further prolongs nixie tube life)
  • Safe, low-voltage design, via a 9-16 V AC or DC “wall-wart” UK EU, US power supply; 
  • On-board battery retains TyNixie's time and settings for a minimum of 7 days in the event of power loss
  • Optional external temperature probe (-50C to 120C, or 58F to +255F ) Degrees C or F
  • Optional relay output to drive slave clocks or other equipment
  • Available in kit or fully assembled form
  • Compact design in 5 inch square (120mm) black ABS case 
  • Every clock is individually serial numbered and comes with its own certification

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