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“Nostalgia like it used to be"


Nixie tubes are back!                       Updated December 2010  

Remember the 1960's? The Cold War? Computers that filled a room and still took a fortnight to add two numbers together? Remember test equipment that you could actually huddle round for warmth? Then you'll remember the gorgeous NIXIE TUBE - the electronic display device that preceded more modern day displays such as LED, VFD and LCD.

Nothing, but nothing, glows with the warmth of a nixie tube

Sharing more in common with an electronic valve that its 21st century equivalent, nixie tubes hark back to another age in electronics display technology.

Mr Nixie brings you a variety of novel Nixie-based clocks from one to six digits, including remote control functions, "Atomic Clock" accuracy, alarms, chimes, dates, and much more.

Complete kits with everything you need are available. Alternatively, fully assembled versions are available, if the thought of picking up the wrong end of a soldering iron fills you with dread.

Mr Nixie is pleased to offer his nixie clocks to, and tailored for,  the following regions:

  • Planet Earth

Nostalgia like it used to be - and about time, too


New for November 2010 - TyNixie - Mr Nixie's tiniest clock yet

Wouldn't it have been GREAT to have had a nixie-style counter here? Oh well! Nice to know how many visitors since 20 April 2007, all the same
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